FDA Presentations on Computerized and Robotic Surgical Systems


At the CARS 2006 Conference (June 28 - July 1, 2006, Osaka Japan), Mr. Dwight Yen, senior reviewer, CDRH/FDA, presented the view of FDA on the reguration of robotic surgical systems as a poster. According to him, it was indeed the first presentaion by FDA on the academic conference in this field.

Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery (JSCAS) organized a special seminar by Mr. Yen on June 29, 2006. Mr. Yen and FDA granted us publicly posting the poster and the presentation slides at the seminar.



We would like to thank to Mr. Yen and CDRH/FDA for providing a speech and granting the public posting of the materials. We would also thank to the CARS orginizer, Prof Inamura and Prof Lemke, kindly granted the use of conference room reserved by CARS and allowed the audiance who did not intentded to join the CARS conference. Dispite a very short notice, the 100 person-capacity room was full of audiance who witnessed the first FDA appearance in the CAS confernce. Finally, we were sorry if you missed the seminar due to the short notice.


JSCAS Guidance workgroup